Beside our clay-animation movies and documentaries we are presently working with pre-primary kids in the interior parts of Rajasthan (Jaisalmer and Kolyari) and MP (Dhar). Children here travel 10 to 15 km to reach schools and most of them haven’t even heard of Micky Mouse. While we initiated these children into the world of animation providing them awareness and access to the medium that is immensely enjoyed by the children of their age all over the world we drew inspiration from them. These children and many other disenfranchised and marginalized groups of our society remain our core concern. Through our art we attempt to reach out to them, make them learn and learn from them as we believe that true art cannot be owned by a specific group or class, it is for entire humanity and its biggest purpose is to bring smiles and hopes even in the face of the bleakest and darkest moments of life