About us


Our day comes to its senses with simmering hot cups of tea from a nearby tea-stall, special tea really as the tea leaves in it are boiled much above their potential. Each sip of it gives us a high, firing up our senses through its steam and bitter flavour. However as soon as the last drop has been sipped greedily by us we hit an immediate low. It is almost like toppling over from the heights of inspiration to the pangs of mundane reality, invariably a battle breaks out to decide ‘who will wash the cups.’ It brings a lot of strain on memory as we try to build up our cases telling unconvincing lies. Finally the cups are left unwashed and the battle is postponed. Now comes the time of action, we can’t delay it as the visiting mosquitoes who take shelter for the night in our studio have to perform their morning duties, they kiss us into immediate action and we have to leave our basement right into the bustling city of horns, traffic, shattered dreams and high hopes. The city with its teeming multitudes is our treasure where we take our daily dives with our sketchbooks. Trying to capture the fleeting, unnoticed moments- a man talking to himself on his bike, a woman selling vegetables thinking about her husband’s promises, a young girl carrying a miniskirt in her bag looking for a place to transform from a homely girl into a hot babe, old people dozing off to sleep in the middle of conversations – everything is food for our curiosity.

We have worked together for three years, struggling, inching our way towards establishing our studio. Often we have torn our new clothes to clothe our clay characters. Our love for our art has made us sell it penny cheap to survive, we have made cartoons, caricatures and even painted walls and submitted ourselves to visible exploitation at the hands of ignorant fools with ready cash. But we take great pride in the fact that we never gave up and contributed as much as we could to social awareness campaigns. Our patience and struggle has seemed to have paid as six months ago we started as a professional studio. Now we make movies and documentaries for NGOs and as freelancers. We dream to go a long way and to take on the world headlong. Whatever we do we know the cups are still unwashed and we have a responsibility towards the mosquitoes in our studio.